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                    The rockets lead thunder test
                    To complete the major program for the national electric power company, "rockets lead thunder experimental study on lightning protection device", guangdong institute of electric power industry bureau test, cold and arid regions environmental engineering research institute (formerly lanzhou institute of atmospheric physics of Chinese academy of sciences) and the wuhan university (the former wuhan university of hydraulic and electric engineering) in 1998-1999 and 2000 three consecutive years in guangdong joint have been tested and the rockets lead thunder.
                    Figure 1 and figure 2 is from the 60 m for the rockets lead thunder to ordinary lightning rod of static pictures. Ray using air trigger mode, namely the metal wires do not directly connected with the drainage device, but by 100 m long nylon line and its connected. This way the classic way to trigger lightning is closer to nature.
                    Figure 3 and figure 4 is at the distance of 75 m and 95 m respectively for the rockets lead thunder to semiconductor poe-mh static pictures. To improve the success rate of the lead thunder lead thunder adopted the classic trigger mode, namely metal wires attached directly to the drainage device. Due to the long part of the pilot channel nipple by metal wires, so this way of trigger cancellation poe-mh test is more strict.
                    Figure 5 shows the lanzhou institute of atmospheric physics 1996 classic trigger way to lead thunder lightning rod static pictures.
                    1. Comparative figures 3 and 4 photos and figure 1, figure 2, figure 5 photos, the rockets lead thunder to semiconductor poe-mh elimination, lightning current is smaller than led to the lightning rod on the two or three orders of magnitude.
                    2. There are pictures of figure 3 and figure 4 shows that semiconductor bar still have very good after the flashover current limiting capability, lightning current can be limited to tens to hundreds of Ann.